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it's a farm

A working sheep and grazing station carrying about 3,000 stock units.

its beaches

There are four beautiful beaches on the headland. All are tide sheltered inlet beaches, all have their own beauty and character and all are safe for families and young children.

These beaches have pavilions for use by owners. Three pavilions – or one lodge as you may think of it – for each of the two main beaches.

The philosophy behind this, which we’ve proved works at Mataka Station, is that we can have houses higher, off water with spectacular views, sun and a pool – and still have our own lodges that we jointly own, on the beaches.

The beach lodges provide community – and swimming and all the activities of a beach, fully serviced. The houses in turn provide privacy and become a total retreat.


The conservation programme at Wiroa Station is one of New Zealand’s leading bio-diversity proposals. Together with other owners, we have created a corridor to lock out predators from the whole of the Purerua Peninsula and create a 10,000 acre facility for nurturing endangered birds in a safe environment. Wiroa Station will be the control point for the Kiwi recovery programme and we expect to repeat the success of the Mataka station Kiwi recovery programme and exceed it. All owners share in creating an extraordinary conservation opportunity for tomorrow’s generation.

open space

One of the rarest commodities in our world today is open space, and we are preserving it at Wiroa Station. Over 90% of Wiroa Station will be preserved as open space – protecting everyone’s investment and lifestyle. This will include 470 hectares of permanently protected farmland and conservation areas.

its a home

A home within a beautiful farm and conservation community. A private home area of up to 1ha (2.5 acres) and spectacular residences – built on a turn-key basis if required. An Architecture Code protects both the character of Wiroa Station and owners’ investments. The Architecture Code protects the New Zealand coastal character of Wiroa Station.

Wiroa Station is a community where families can be together, creating a fun community of friends and friends who can buy in together – sharing fantastic facilities, assets and memories.

The objective we had in mind in creating Wiroa Station was to provide a way of living in the land, in a very authentic way, full of recreational facilities which owners own, and can share with their friends. That vision has a fair bit of passion in it. We care a great deal about our land and we care a great deal about creating a fantastic community of owners in this very special place.

Evan Williams – Williams Land Ltd