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The interior of Wiroa Station provides a beautiful farm.
The Farm covers approximately 345ha.
The Farm is being upgraded to function as a model, beautiful farm.
The Farm will run sheep as they are more compatible with human activity and create cleaner pasture and paddocks. All aspects of The Farm are being dramatically improved.
The Farm will contain 18km of riding trails, with lowered fence rails where appropriate, and the same trails for walking, running and mountain biking, with appropriate cattle stop and gate systems. Owners families can get involved in the farm.


As described above the trails will extend through the Farm and the Reserve.


The Reserve is the area covered by conservation covenants, made up of valleys, ridges and bays partially covered with regenerating native forest and scrub.
It is the perfect platform for a major wildlife initiative in an area known to be inhabited by kiwi and native birdlife; subject to consents, a full predator programme is being implemented to create a sanctuary for the hundreds of kiwi and other rare native species living on Wiroa Station and the rest of the Purerua Peninsula.
This project will be a major regional conservation initiative with national effect.
A public walking trail will be provided through the Reserve to the water, at the furthest bay near the north western boundary of the property. That walking trail may be supervised to protect the Reserve, but will not adversely affect owners’ privacy or security.
The Reserve will be combined with open space protection covenants and predator programmes; the tops of the ridges of The Reserve are being returned to pasture and the valleys protected and enhanced as a wildlife sanctuary.
The Reserve will be a major recreational asset to the owners of Wiroa, including trails, and a unique opportunity to participate in a very significant conservation intiative; at a visual level The Reserve will also reinforce the natural, undeveloped character of Wiroa and its size – emphasised by the very long road and sea boundaries of the property.