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key facts

500 ha;

25 lots;

25 owners.

Lot Size – subject to consent, 20 ha titles comprising a house lot and a balance lot.

All owners have a private house site area of .5 ha - 1 ha (depending on lot location) and grant access covenants and leases over the balance areas, enabling all owners access to 475 ha – The Farm, The Reserve, The Trails, The Club.

The core design drivers for Wiroa are:

  • private, exclusive house sites.
  • a natural, undeveloped character.
  • a relaxed, New Zealand, beach, bach style.
  • fabulous design and sophisticated technology and amenities to underpin the relaxed style of Wiroa.
  • under-development to provide privacy, exclusivity and a sense of calmness for owners.
  • preservation of the farm, wildlife, cultural and historical features of Wiroa.

Resource Consent Granted.


Beach Pavilions
The Wine Cellar



road map

road map


The Architectural Code controls the core features of house design - to protect the standard of houses (and owners’ investments) and the relaxed, New Zealand, beach, bach style set for the property. That Code forms part of the Sale Contract; The Architectural Code requires buildings with the following characteristics:

Buildings to be set sympathetically and appropriately within the land form, generally following and building on the contour of the site

Architecturally coded style and forms (a New Zealand beach style emphasizing core design features such as roof pitches, materials, % of windows/door openings, indoor – outdoor relationships, lack of formal decorative features)

Excellent architecture, one house per lot may be built, which must be designed as a single family dwelling not exceeding 6 bedrooms, and may include a separate guest wing forming part of the main house structure up to 120 sq.m (and in any event not exceeding 25% of the total area of the house)

Landscaping of house sites must be carried out in accordance with plans prepared by registered landscape architects and approved by the Design Committee responsible for administering the Architecture Code